SKU:   Add-A-Lube
The Add-A-Lube valve system allows you to quickly configure your Lube Trucks with a compact, high performance lubrication delivery system.
SKU:   KIT AAF 2512
The Add-A-Stack® 2512 valve is a multi-function valve designed to control both cylinders and motors for light and medium duty truck applications. Combining both inexpensive low and high flow sections into one valve.
SKU:   AAS 4020
The Add-A-Stack® 4020 valve is a multifunction valve originally designed to control cylinders and motors on truck applications. The enclosure is a cost effective solution to protect the valve from typical corrosion problems of exposed valves. A simple rubber latched cover employs a gasketless weather resistant seal design that stops harmful salt spray.
SKU:   Manifold Mount Proportional Control Valve
VDM Control valve is a manifold mounted spool valve designed for mobile applications. Manifold mounting allows a lever valve to be combined with the system manifold block. Work ports and cartridges, required by the spool section, are in the custom manifold block.
SKU:   SCE Spin-A-Veyer
SCE Spin-A-Veyer® valves are a compact and economical electro-proportional control valve designed specifically for spreader applications. These valves are compatible with most electronic spreader controllers and provide independent control of auger, spinner and output flows.
SKU:   AAF 2010
The Add-A-Fold® 2010 Valve is a multi-function valve originally designed to electrically control both cylinders and motors for light and medium duty truck applications. The modular manifold design offers optional gear pump or load sense versions, integral flow controls, and both high and low flow functions.

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