Custom designs require individual care and attention.

After production, products are assembled in-house and 100% tested to ensure quality and performance. Our custom designed assembly work cells allow for quick change over and customization to assemble a variety of valve systems. Our comprehensive testing throughout the assembly process combined with data logging and end-of-line inspections ensures only the highest level of quality products leave our facility.      

Assembly process includes:

  • Custom work cells and fixturing for efficient assembly.
  • Assembly print instructions for consistency and accuracy.
  • Serialized assemblies.
  • Automated torquing system for consistency and accuracy.
  • End-of-Line quality inspections.

Testing process includes:

  • Comprehensive testing at each assembly for function, flow and pressure.
  • Custom fixturing for efficient test times, repeatability and quality.
  • Written test instructions for consistency and accuracy.
  • Digital logging and archival of test data for each component provide maximum traceability.