Ultra Kool 4-20

The Ultra-Kool is a compact hydraulic reservoir, filter and cooler system. The stainless steel construction and frame isolation mounts make this perfect for severe applications. Typical applications include boom trucks, fertilizer tenders, seed conveyors, trailers, water tanks and additional applications.

  • The Ultra-Kool features:
  • High Flow Capacity
    • - 20 GPM nominal, 40 GPM Max Intermittent
    • - SAE -12 return line for low pressure drop
  • Mounting Option
    • - Mounts directly to truck frame
    • Space Saving Design
    • - Narrow design requires only 8.5" of frame rail space
    • Multiple Fan Switching Options
    • - Power harness and relay come standard
    • - Optional harness for air or electric shift PTOs