FH Series

The FH series motor incorporates an industry proven spool valve design with a high performance gerotor power element. The result is a very affordable and compact low speed high torque motor.

Industry proven spool valve design

Smooth and efficient performance over the complete speed range of the motor

High strength, one-piece cast housing

A superior design that ensures long term reliability and performance

High pressure shaft seal standard

Eliminates the need of a case drain in most applications

Hydrodynamic bearing

High overhung load capacity with infinite bearing life when ratings are not exceeded

Application flexibility

Wide variety of options for mounting flanges, shafts, porting, displacements, corrosion protection and electronic sensors

Drop in replacement

Dimensionally interchangeable with other popular brand motors

  • 10 Displacements
  • 2.44 Cu.ln.-23.79 Cu. In
  • Flows
  • 15 GPM continuous
  • 20 GPM intermittent
  • Speed
  • Up to 1375 rpm
  • Pressures
  • 1900 PSI continuous
  • 2900 PSI intermittent
  • Torque
  • 3400 In. Lb. continuous
  • 4100 In. Lb. intermittent