The new 249 Series Power Take-Off is designed to be the quietest available.
SKU:   PTO Control Module
The FORCE America PTO Control Module protects your PTO, reducing downtime and expanding its life.
SKU:   489A-X
Similar to the 442 Series family, but with an 8-Bolt mounting flange.
SKU:   278B-ST
Enhanced housing design for maximum transmission clearance when direct mounting a pump.
SKU:   680F-S
Excellent coverage for transmissions with 8-bolt openings.
SKU:   823B-T
Robust design for high torque applications.
SKU:   880B-T
Wide coverage for tough applications.
SKU:   277B-SS
Exceeds the torque capacity of a 6-Bolt P.T.O. while offering the tighter sealing of a 10-Bolt pattern.
SKU:   442A-X
Engineered to work with virtually all existing transmission applications.
SKU:   859G-W
Highest torque capacities of any P.T.O. offered for the Allison World transmissions.
SKU:   890/891/892A-F
Moves the P.T.O. mounting flange to the rear of the transmission allowing larger pumps and in some cases it will eliminate the need for a drive shaft.

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